Facts About Hives in Dogs

It may not be as life threatening as some diseases that we know, but hives in dogs can be one crucial experience not just for us but also for our beloved pawed pals. Also known as urticaria, this type of skin disease on dogs can affect any part of their body. As I have said it may not be as life threatening and it may disappear in a matter of days but when it is there it will be very irritating on their part. And with that here are some other facts about hives in dogs.

Common symptoms of hives in dogs are swelling of the eyes and face, formation of yellow patches on skin, they will be having difficulty in breathing, warts and bumps will become visible on the skin, oily coat that emits smelly and foul odor, hair loss, inflammation of the skin, and rashes among others. But perhaps the most alarming symptom of hives in dogs is that it creates lesions on skin that most of the time do not heal. The most common cause of hives in dogs is by histamine and other chemicals that are released in the bloodstream. In short, hives are caused by allergens.

So what to do when your dog is experiencing hives? Well, there are a number of home remedies you can do in order to cure hives in dogs. One thing you can do is to give him supplements of selenium, Vitamin, A, and Vitamin C daily. For the skin, you can use corticosteroid ointments. Another way to give him treatment is to give him Benadryl. Do not worry, Benadryl is safe for your dogs.

And these are the facts about hives in dogs that you should know.