Voted 5 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds In The World

Without a doubt, all dogs are beautiful. But what are the top dogs that are voted and considered as the most beautiful? Below are 5 breeds that have been considered and voted many as the most physically beautiful. And here are the 5 most beautiful dog breeds in the world. In no particular order, by the way.

German Shepherd – This dog breed that originated in Germany is considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. And because of their intelligence, strength, and easiness to train to, the German shepherds are usually being employed as police dog.

Pomeranian – Currently, this breed is the in dog breed for small dogs and this popularity has been increasing worldwide. The Pomeranian, or Pom is a descendant of the German Spitz and named after the Pomerania region in Central Europe. When owning one, the most common health issue that you will encounter is the luxating patella, so be sure to make his health in top shape.

Great Pyrenees, The Pyrenean Mountain dog, or better known as the Great Pyrenees has been around for some time now, for millennial to be exact. They were actually guard dogs for the livestock and they were employed to haul artillery during the second World War.

Golden Retriever – It is such beauty to own this very sociable and cute dog! Back in the day, the Golden Retriever were developed as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl and other upland game birds during hunting and shooting season. They are also considered as the 4th most popular family dog breeds in the world.

Siberian Husky – Last but not the least of this list of 5 most beautiful dog breeds in the world is the Siberian Husky. This Siberia-originated medium sized dog is popular for its wolf-like appearance. This dog breed was imported into Alaska during the Nome Gold Rush. Despite their very fierce posture, the Siberian huskies are known to be very friendly and helpful.