A Quick Way to Heal Your Dog’s Tail

Accidentally caught by a closing door? Unintentionally bitten by another dog? Stepped by a very heavy platform of your wife? These scenarios are some of the reasons why dogs get injuries on their tail. The tail of the dog, especially its tip, is a very specific part of their body that once wounded, it will take a lot of time to heal. This holds really true and it may take a longer period of time especially when your dog is a big fan of wagging its tail. Luckily, though, there are some veterinarians and experts who were willing to share the quick way to heal your dog’s tail. So below are the procedures on how to heal the tail of your dog when it is injured.

All you need is to gather a piece of pipe insulation and some really elastic sticky tape. You will not find it in the nearest pet store from you so go to your local hardware store and buy these materials.

First, cover the tip of the tail with a very effective antibiotic.  Then cut the insulation pipe to six inches and insert the insulation pipe over the tail – do not put a bandage on the tail! Spare a part of the insulation showing so that the tail can still have contact to air as this helps in the process of curing.

Using the elastic take, cover half of the insulation and then a couple inched up the tail hair. You might have to check first if your dog leaves this setting alone. There are times when the dog will try to rip the wrap of the tail: when this happens you may have to muzzle him, as this will not hasten the process of healing your dog’s tail.