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Find a bed that will give your dog lasting comfort. Our whole casual dog bed collection is made to last for many years.

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Get them a collar that not only looks great but is made to last.
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If your dog is looking for elegance, come see our designer bed selection.
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Add Some Bling

Our collar charms add some sparkle to any collar. 
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Carry Them In Style

All of our carriers are stylish and very comfortable. All of our designer dog carriers are made to last. 



"Pick of the Litter" - Our Hottest Selling Products
Safari Day Bed
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Safari Day Bed
This is the perfect bed for those nice dog naps during the day and long dreamy nights. It has a great faux fur leopard trim and is lined with a soft black cord trim. Then the Alder legs make this fine bed a true luxury dog item.

***This bed can be shipped...

Market price: $620.00
Our price: $560.00save 10%

Calligraphy Collar
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Calligraphy Collar
Here is a collar that redefines style. You have the choice of either brown on blue, or blue on brown. The intricate ribbin pattern is sure to gain plenty of compliments.

Market price: $32.00
Our price: $27.97save 13%

Crown Fur Clips
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Crown Fur Clips
These beautiful fur clips are made from genuine Czech crystals. Your dog will look stunning when they wear any of these jewelry clips. Clipped on any of these jewelry clips look just like a little tiara, and now your puppy will not only feel like a princess, but they will look like one too.

Market price: $18.00
Our price: $15.97save 11%

Bumper Bed
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Bumper Bed
These classic dog beds are not only durable, but come in a variety of colors to match your home. Their snuggly softness will give your dog many nights of pleasant doggie dreams. The bed covers are removable and machine washable.

Market price: $106.95
Our price: $90.97save 15%

See details
This is quite possibly the best flying disc made for dogs out there. It is nearly indestructable, flies far, and comes in 3 great colors. It is also easy on your dogs mouth.

Market price: $16.25
Our price: $14.97

Our dogs are very special to us as owners. Dogs have many unique qualities in them that steal our hearts. They are loyal, caring, fun-loving, and always seem to know when we are down.

We understand that it is easy to spoil your dog since they demand so little of us. That is why we specialize in pampering dogs of all sizes big and small and all pedigrees. So whether you are looking to get your beloved pooch a new collar, a new bed, or perhaps a new squeeky toy, we are here to help.

The dog beds found in most pet stores are usually not very unique, and many of them are of mediocre quality. We only provide beds that fit our highest standards of excellence. All of them are made right here in the USA, and many of them are made from recycled materials making them environmentally friendly. We even carry custom beds that have features such as crystal legs and other fancy materials if you want to really get them something extraordinary. They range from comfy donut shapes to sofas and some have sophisticated designer fabrics and trimmings such as sheer chenilles, rivets, and soft cotton fabric. Most come with a removable cover that is easy to clean in case of an accident. We also have beds that have orthopedic foam for those older pooches as well. All of these are attractive enough that they will enhance the decor of your home. You can rest assurred that when you get a bed from us that it is one that we would feel good about letting our dog sleep on. Also each bed ships for free!

Most of our dog collars are made from top quality materials such as genuine leather and ribbon. Our ribbon collars are sturdy as well as attractive. So whether you are looking for something really fancy, or smart and simple, we have many to choose from. We also have many tough toys that are nearly indestructible so they should last your dog for years.

We appreciate our customers and thank you for taking the time to visit our site. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us by emailing us on our contact form or calling our toll free number both found at the top and bottom of this page.

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